Cyanide and Happiness is one of my favourite comics of all time! Its dark, wrong, badly drawn and hilarious! Its simply one of the best comic strips  of all time! ..Though probably not right for your grandma..  Cyanide and Happiness has been running daily on since early 2005 and it is kept fresh by the fact that there are 4 different writers, collaborating on the strip. The name “Cyanide and Happiness” (or Cyanide & Happiness) comes from one of the early strips, where one character is selling cotton candy made from cyanide and happiness. The other person promply answers “happiness?? i’ll take 4!! ..That strip pretty much sets the tone for the rest of them. Its not for everyone, but hey, cant please them all :)

Make sure to visit their website at and buy some cool stuff! They have books, plush toys, cool T-shirts and more at the Cyanide and Happiness store. Go BUY!

Enjoy :)


As chosen by Heidi, the cross-eyed possum. Please, go to for ALL the Cyanide and Happiness and comics strip archives and support them by bying their comic books. I bought pretty much all of them :)

Cyanide and Happiness Comic Strip:

Cyanide and Happiness Comic strip

Cyanide and Happiness Comic strip. Dont loose your head..

Cyanide and Happiness.

cyanide and happiness. Phone plus Girlfriend.

Cyanide and Happiness. Phone minus Girlfriend.

Cyanide and Happinees Seizure man.

Cyanide Happiness. Seizure Man

Cyanide Happiness. Seizure Man is... pretty useless..

Cyanide + Happiness Mermaid.

Cyanide and Happiness and the Real mermaid.

Cyanide and Happiness. Mermaids are Hot.

The original Cotton candy Cyanide and Happiness comic strip:

The original Cotton candy Cyanide and Happiness comic strip:

Cyanide and Happiness Cotton Candy.

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